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Hey this is Tim from knoxville i played a softball game at a park called sandy spring thurs night at 8:30 i have to say the umpires that was at that park was pitiful i cant see how any team would want to spend there money on playing for this association they only have one umpire that shows up to the field to over see four bases that cant happen but then you have teams up there crying because they only have one umpire but those teams will go right back in the summer and fall ball and go thru the same o stuff the coach told me it cost $450 dollars to play in these conditions plus $3,50 per player he said fall ball will cost teams $340 plus $3,50 per player guys and ladys it might be a little drive to caswell ball park but if i was you i would take your team over there and have two umpires every night better fields play alot more teams for your money dont loose balls those of you that like to play more then one game a night theres four fields over there you can at least play two games over there a night

  This message was posted on Saturday, July 01, 2017 at 21:30 Central.

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