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Steve Lovvorn

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ISA State Info
I have added the teams I had on my list but if I have missed your team please call me and I will get you on. Already at 55 total but there are several more I am aware of planning to enter. If the numbers go as we expect the plan is to have the Rec and D at Cane Ridge and the E , D+ and Ladies at Murfreesboro. If a class has 10 or less we will try to end that class on Saturday but all Sunday play will be at Murfreesboro. There is a pretty good chance every class will go over ten. When your team played ISA with us we have the roster you played with. You can add players at the state as long as they are from the proper class, lateral moves or from lower classes is fine. Every team can have one from the class above them but not two classes above. No classes are allowed to have B or Conference players. I do not approve rosters I simply tell you what is legal. I do not know every player out there so it is up to each team and coach to make sure you are legal. Looking forward to a great tournament. I also will explain what we are doing with the blind draw. On Thursday morning I will determine how many spots each bracket will have. I will assign all teams a playing time and we will notify all teams by Facebook and on this site of playing times. I need all coaches to text me or Chris Matthews that you got your time. When you get to the park you need to be there 45 minutes before your game time for a blind draw to see which field and opponent you get. Do not call us asking for later games , it is a State Tournament and all teams must be ready for the earliest games. You will have all day Friday to make sure all your players are able to get there on time rather than the Friday night draw we have done in the past. Thanks for playing ISA . Steve Lovvorn ( can you believe someone is even complaining that state directors do not post things themselves, this is really me LOL)
  This message was posted on Monday, July 15, 2019 at 16:22 Central.

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